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  • Silence on the Hill

    Silence on the Hill

    I pulled the black ski mask down over my face to fight off the biting cold. When I heard the sounds of twigs snapping, I knew the little boys were close by. As I stood up from the log I had been resting on, I picked up the axe with my right hand. Grateful for…

  • Grandpa Still Carves the Turkey

    Grandpa Still Carves the Turkey

    The vibration of the wheels on the old hardwood floors brought a silence to the house. As everyone gathered around, grandpa rolled into the living room. The Parkinson’s had slowed him down physically. Well, slowed is not the right word – he suffered from the jerking and bobbing that comes with the disease – his…

  • Face to Face

    Face to Face

    I reached for the potatoes. Baked potatoes for dinner. That works. I am tired of being by myself. But I do have to eat. I could have left over tacos, or the spaghetti…but I’m not in the mood for leftovers. As I reached into the bag of potatoes, I realized that this was just one…

  • Stinky Fish

    Stinky Fish

    I leaned over the side of the boat. Again. I fail to understand why anyone thinks this is getting back to nature. If it is, then nature stinks. Literally. I tripped over the bucket of fish on my way back to the front of the boat. The bump rising on my forehead was just one…

  • Front and Center

    Front and Center
  • Grandpa Socks

    Grandpa Socks

    I felt the hot sand under my feet and wondered why it didn’t seem to bother the little ones. Here at the lakeside with three of my grandchildren, the youngest not even two years old. They played in the water and the sand, completely unaware of the inherent risks in the fun. I stepped into…

  • Black Sheep – On the Outside, Looking In

    Black Sheep – On the Outside, Looking In

    If you are the black sheep of the family, no one actually has to tell you. You know. As a matter of fact, it has been told to you for years – but no words may have ever been spoken about it at all. Regardless, it is no secret. I am a black sheep. Only…

  • Freedom Reigns

    Freedom Reigns

    A few months ago, as I drove from Colorado Springs to my job in Wamsutter, Wyoming, I endured the screams of a young kitten named Tuxedo, calling out from his carrier. He wanted his freedom. And he knew that I could give it to him, if I wanted. He didn’t realize that the reason he…

  • Go With the Flow

    Go With the Flow

    “Please ask your boss if you can have the time off, Grandpa.” “Aiden, it’s not just the time off, honey. I also need enough money to buy an airline ticket or to buy gas to drive…” “But, Grandpa, I have an idea…If you start driving as soon as the sun comes up, then stop at…

  • Falling in Love Again

    Falling in Love Again

    It seems like yesterday that I met you. Holding you in my arms was the ultimate adrenaline rush. It still is. It’s not like I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve been with four others before you arrived on the scene. Each of these relationships brought challenges and rewards – but whenever a new love…