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  • Face to Face

    Face to Face

    I reached for the potatoes. Baked potatoes for dinner. That works. I am tired of being by myself. But I do have to eat. I could have left over tacos, or the spaghetti…but I’m not in the mood for leftovers. As I reached into the bag of potatoes, I realized that this was just one…

  • No Shame in Asking

    No Shame in Asking

    As she fumbled through her wallet for the food stamps, the man behind her shifted his weight from one leg to the other. His annoyance and smug attitude escaped no one’s view in the register line. When the young mother counted the slips of paper to the checker, she was embarrassed as she whispered, “I…

  • Resolutions


    Why is January First a day for resolutions? Adults choose this day every year to make promises of change. Diet, exercise, budgets – many of us select the first day of the year to begin the process of reading through the Bible from cover to cover. All admirable goals. How many of us succeed? In…