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  • Silence on the Hill

    Silence on the Hill

    I pulled the black ski mask down over my face to fight off the biting cold. When I heard the sounds of twigs snapping, I knew the little boys were close by. As I stood up from the log I had been resting on, I picked up the axe with my right hand. Grateful for…

  • Grandpa Still Carves the Turkey

    Grandpa Still Carves the Turkey

    The vibration of the wheels on the old hardwood floors brought a silence to the house. As everyone gathered around, grandpa rolled into the living room. The Parkinson’s had slowed him down physically. Well, slowed is not the right word – he suffered from the jerking and bobbing that comes with the disease – his…

  • Front and Center

    Front and Center
  • Grandpa Socks

    Grandpa Socks

    I felt the hot sand under my feet and wondered why it didn’t seem to bother the little ones. Here at the lakeside with three of my grandchildren, the youngest not even two years old. They played in the water and the sand, completely unaware of the inherent risks in the fun. I stepped into…

  • Go With the Flow

    Go With the Flow

    “Please ask your boss if you can have the time off, Grandpa.” “Aiden, it’s not just the time off, honey. I also need enough money to buy an airline ticket or to buy gas to drive…” “But, Grandpa, I have an idea…If you start driving as soon as the sun comes up, then stop at…

  • Falling in Love Again

    Falling in Love Again

    It seems like yesterday that I met you. Holding you in my arms was the ultimate adrenaline rush. It still is. It’s not like I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve been with four others before you arrived on the scene. Each of these relationships brought challenges and rewards – but whenever a new love…

  • Playing Cards With Grandma

    Playing Cards With Grandma

    “Why are you moving the King, Grandma?” “That’s how you play Solitaire. Watch what happens when I move it.” “Wow! Another card is there. How did you do that?” Aiden asked. “When you move a card that has one underneath it, the bottom one flips over so you can see it.” Our latest visit to…

  • Follow the Leader

    Follow the Leader

    “Go .3 miles and turn right.” “Go .7 miles and turn left.” *** Taking my grandson to his Cub Scout meeting should not be an adventure, but having no inner compass – well, it’s not so much fun. I had been to this meeting place once before – over a month ago. Way back off…

  • Grandpa Sayings – Worth Repeating

    Grandpa Sayings – Worth Repeating

    Grandpa Sayings – worth repeating I am a grandpa. I don’t use many “grandpa sayings.” I have lots to say. But most of it ain’t worth repeating… but I keep talking anyway. I hope that some of the things I say to my grandchildren reach into their heart – after all, they touch mine on…

  • Grandpa’s Here!

    Grandpa’s Here!

    I knocked on the door. I was not feeling particularly bright today. I didn’t sleep well and would have preferred to stay in bed. But I had a long to-do list, so I went through the motions in the shower and put on clothes for the drive across town. I saw the blinds at the…