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  • Dandelions


    It surprised me to see him standing there in the middle of my backyard. But, there he was, looking at the dandelions that I could not seem to kill off. As I walked over toward him, he stood up and cocked his head at me.  The smell of peanut butter wafted through the air. With…

  • No Shame in Asking

    No Shame in Asking

    As she fumbled through her wallet for the food stamps, the man behind her shifted his weight from one leg to the other. His annoyance and smug attitude escaped no one’s view in the register line. When the young mother counted the slips of paper to the checker, she was embarrassed as she whispered, “I…

  • A Job to Do

    A Job to Do

    The stench of death overpowered me. Sure, the metal building blocked my view of the bodies, but nothing could stop the putrid smell of decay from assailing my nostrils. It seemed to take up permanent residence. I turned at the loud clang of the door as it swung into the opposite wall and saw the…