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  • Silence on the Hill

    Silence on the Hill

    I pulled the black ski mask down over my face to fight off the biting cold. When I heard the sounds of twigs snapping, I knew the little boys were close by. As I stood up from the log I had been resting on, I picked up the axe with my right hand. Grateful for…

  • Grandpa Still Carves the Turkey

    Grandpa Still Carves the Turkey

    The vibration of the wheels on the old hardwood floors brought a silence to the house. As everyone gathered around, grandpa rolled into the living room. The Parkinson’s had slowed him down physically. Well, slowed is not the right word – he suffered from the jerking and bobbing that comes with the disease – his…

  • Stinky Fish

    Stinky Fish

    I leaned over the side of the boat. Again. I fail to understand why anyone thinks this is getting back to nature. If it is, then nature stinks. Literally. I tripped over the bucket of fish on my way back to the front of the boat. The bump rising on my forehead was just one…

  • Front and Center

    Front and Center
  • Broken Glass

    Broken Glass

    I leaned back in my chair so I could see over the cubicle wall. 8:41. He’s late. Then I heard it. Squeak, squeak. The sound of the wheels on the mail cart brought the chatter in the office to silence. Squeak, squeak. I leaned out into the walkway – he was two cubicles away. Squeak,…



    What is so special about November for writers? NaNowriMo. NAtionalNOvelWRItingMOnth. It’s especially important for those of us who write short stories. The goal is to get 50,000 words written in a new story, hoping to craft a full-length novel. Novels nowadays are at least 75,000 words, so the November goal is more of an exercise…

  • Beyond the Shirt and Tie

    Beyond the Shirt and Tie

    The starched collar left no question that this was a serious matter. Job interviews always are. As he stepped into the office, his mannerism was unmistakable. It’s not like he didn’t know. He knew that it was obvious to everyone who saw him. He leaned into the owner’s desk, answering the questions as clearly and…

  • Keys to Freedom

    Keys to Freedom

    She knew better, but she did it anyway. Again. **Ring** “Hello. How much do you charge to change the ignition in a car? Yes, I would like it re-keyed. A 2004 Honda Accord.” “Thank you very much. I will call back if I decide to have it done.” *** Megan entered the house through the…

  • It’s Gonna Be a Blowout

    It’s Gonna Be a Blowout

    From door to door, all the way down the dormitory hallway, the words were whispered. “It’s gonna be a blowout!” “Gotta be there.” “Bring your own alcohol.” *** Joel’s calloused hands kneaded Krista’s small fingers as they sat on the couch outside the ICU. Joel’s eyes darted toward the doorway. The click of the latch…

  • Fold or Raise

    Fold or Raise

    The silence was broken by the sound of ice rattling in Jim’s rocks glass of bourbon. He swished the drink around before he took a sip and continued to stare at Casey. The cigar smoke hung above the men’s heads while they contemplated the cards. Five card stud. Usually an uneventful game for the group…