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  • Silence on the Hill

    Silence on the Hill

    I pulled the black ski mask down over my face to fight off the biting cold. When I heard the sounds of twigs snapping, I knew the little boys were close by. As I stood up from the log I had been resting on, I picked up the axe with my right hand. Grateful for…

  • Grandpa Still Carves the Turkey

    Grandpa Still Carves the Turkey

    The vibration of the wheels on the old hardwood floors brought a silence to the house. As everyone gathered around, grandpa rolled into the living room. The Parkinson’s had slowed him down physically. Well, slowed is not the right word – he suffered from the jerking and bobbing that comes with the disease – his…

  • Too busy

    I’ve been way too busy to keep up with my blog lately. I’ve been building affiliate sites – and working on kindle ebooks – training books for folks who want to build a wordpress site as well as some kids books….   And still keeping up with the kids and grandkids.   Missed a wedding…

  • Promotion

    Jonathan Michael Joshua is now Lt. Col. Joshua in the Air Force – the video is uploading and should be viewable here once it is ready: Click Here to watch the event! (Quicktime) OR HERE Or as an embedded video

  • Stinky Fish

    Stinky Fish

    I leaned over the side of the boat. Again. I fail to understand why anyone thinks this is getting back to nature. If it is, then nature stinks. Literally. I tripped over the bucket of fish on my way back to the front of the boat. The bump rising on my forehead was just one…

  • Front and Center

    Front and Center
  • Grandpa Socks

    Grandpa Socks

    I felt the hot sand under my feet and wondered why it didn’t seem to bother the little ones. Here at the lakeside with three of my grandchildren, the youngest not even two years old. They played in the water and the sand, completely unaware of the inherent risks in the fun. I stepped into…

  • The Sound of Taps

    The Sound of Taps

    I carried a big stone as I walked toward the curb. Using it to hold down a corner of the blanket, I sat down cross legged and stared down the sidewalk. I spotted my cousins and began waving my arms until they saw me. As they ran to me, I jumped up to stretch the…

  • The Most Important Thing

    The Most Important Thing

    Sometimes we miss the most important thing. On Mother’s Day, we honor mothers – whether adoptive or biological – but our own mother, in some way. Then there are many of us who honor a wife because she is the mother to our children. Flowers, brunch, greeting cards. Is that all there is? Is one…

  • Weekend of Rest

    Weekend of Rest

    I’ve been working in Wyoming for a few months now. Seven months a full 365 miles from my home in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 365 miles one way from my wife, not to mention my son, his wife and three wonderful grandkids… If you had ever suggested to me that I would be this far away…