Too busy

I’ve been way too busy to keep up with my blog lately.

I’ve been building affiliate sites – and working on kindle ebooks – training books for folks who want to build a wordpress site as well as some kids books….


And still keeping up with the kids and grandkids.


Missed a wedding this week of a longtime friend. And really hated to miss it.


Life is busy as I work in Wyoming, and live in Colorado – getting home to see my wife twice a month or so. But that will change as winter rolls in. Getting across I-80 in the winter is a challenge – and right now, getting down I-25 in the floods is a nightmare.


Enjoying all the research I am doing for new sites and places to get links to mine.

And enjoying the progress across the country as gay rights begin making true headway – so, if you’re against gay rights, no need to weigh in. Not looking for people who agree with me, just posting that I think it is about time!


Just figured it was time to post something – I will try to get back to regular blog posts once I am in Wyoming for the winter…should have time to do something about this site then.


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