Face to Face

I reached for the potatoes. Baked potatoes for dinner. That works. I am tired of being by myself. But I do have to eat. I could have left over tacos, or the spaghetti…but I’m not in the mood for leftovers.

As I reached into the bag of potatoes, I realized that this was just one more verse of the same song. I had done this before: chosen baked potatoes for dinner. It’s not that I am a vegetarian – or even that I have anything against those who are – it’s just that I don’t feel like going through the motions or cooking a full dinner for myself. Alone.

And baked potatoes are so easy. Microwave. Butter. Sour cream. A little pepper. Dinner is served.

We are not meant to be alone. God said so. “It is not good for man to be alone.” By extension, creating Eve to be with Adam shows that neither party was supposed to fly solo. Each of us needs a partner, a soul mate, a significant other. With almost 32 years of marriage behind me, I don’t enjoy being alone.

But here is where I found work to do. Although, I must admit, I do enjoy the quiet.

Here in Wyoming, I have the luxury of rare outside noises disturbing me. Occasional truck motors whine and the repetitive blows from the train horns as they pass through. The trains are regular traffic here in the frontier area of this laid-back state. A state where parents travel as much as 90 minutes to a high school sporting event where their children compete. And they think nothing of it.

Snow doesn’t stop them, it merely slows them down.

Sometimes, slow is good.

My wife lives in a larger city in another state. And hears neighboring dogs bark when she steps into her own backyard. And noises from the street out front…and neighbors when they are outside…many, many neighbors, many, many passing cars.

We are far apart, but it does not change how much we love each other. We experience our loneliness in different ways, but much the same. Our time spent together is that much more valuable when we are – together. Twice a month or so…

Jesus left the comforts of Heaven and the arms of a loving Father. He left a serene place in order to come to earth. A noisy (and angry) mob awaited him. But He came because this is where He had work to do.

My loneliness doesn’t seem so tough when I consider how much Jesus gave up when He became our Savior. My job is all but meaningless in the grand scheme of things, while His was the Grand Scheme.

So, I will work in Wyoming and see my wife as often as I can. It will be easier once the winter is past to make the trip to another state and visit in person, instead of by phone.

Knowing that the joy of seeing one another face-to-face is all the more precious.

When the winter was over for Jesus, He had made a way for us and he returned to His Father. Face-to-face…Again. Joy abounds!


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