Go With the Flow

go with the flow

go with the flow

“Please ask your boss if you can have the time off, Grandpa.”

“Aiden, it’s not just the time off, honey. I also need enough money to buy an airline ticket or to buy gas to drive…”

“But, Grandpa, I have an idea…If you start driving as soon as the sun comes up, then stop at a fast food place for lunch, and eat while you’re driving, you can be here really fast!”

“It’s not that simple, it’s about 15 hours driving time between Wyoming and Minnesota. I would have to sleep somewhere overnight.”

“But, Grandpa, but, Grandpa, listen. If you drive from as soon as the sun comes up, you can be here by nighttime. You can sleep on our couch…”

This is how it has been for the last couple of weeks. Every phone call has brought with it a new “idea” on how I could make the trip to Minnesota – for our daughter’s wedding.

No matter how many times I told him I wouldn’t be able to do it, the next phone call brought the same response. One more way that I should be able to make it happen. And the guilt trip of an 8-year-old…”My mom would really like you to come too, I really love my mom and want you to be here for her…”

So, after a bit of finagling, I arranged to leave early Friday – catch a flight to Minnesota from Denver – so that I can walk my daughter down the aisle. It was never that I didn’t want to go, of course I want to walk her down the aisle. I do want to be a part of blessing her marriage… It was always a logistical issue. Money, time – both things I don’t have a lot of right now.


“Hello, Aiden.”

“Did you talk to your boss today? What did he say?”

“He said, yes, I can leave early and come to Minnesota.”

“Yay! You get to come. And I get ten dollars.”

“Ten dollars?”

“Yes, my mom said if I walk Grandma and Grandma Lu down to their seats that she will pay me ten dollars!”

“That’s not the only reason you want me to come, is it?”

“Yes, now I get ten dollars…”

“You know, most times the person escorting Grandmas down the aisle do it for free, because they love the people getting married…”

“But I get ten dollars.”


“Ok, well we will be at your soccer game and then we can go to the store to get the collectible cards you want, stop at Half Price Books and maybe a couple of other places…After all, you will have ten dollars to spend…”

“Grandpa, can you and Grandma bring some extra money for me when you come?”

“Of course, don’t we always?”

The life of grandparents – we want the best for them – even if sometimes it comes with a price tag.

I can’t wait to escort my daughter down the aisle. Everything else aside, this is a celebration of God’s greatest gift to us as the human race.

The union of two souls – the joining of two families.

Congratulations: Dave, Elizabeth, Aiden, Sophia and Ariana – enjoy the joining of your hearts and lives.

This is a day the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it! The ebbs and flows of life are constant – embrace the current!