Falling in Love Again

falling in love

falling in love
Ariana Yorek

It seems like yesterday that I met you. Holding you in my arms was the ultimate adrenaline rush.

It still is.

It’s not like I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve been with four others before you arrived on the scene. Each of these relationships brought challenges and rewards – but whenever a new love enters my life, it’s almost as if I am spending the day at an amusement park. The thrill of riding roller coasters, spinning teacups and the occasional carousel has nothing on this new attraction of mine. With all of these feelings tumbling over one another, I truly know the meaning of a happy dance.

It’s the same every time. I reach for my seat belt and strap in tight.

A new love, a breath of fresh air, it’s all so exciting and…I just can’t find the words. So, instead, I will simply hold you close. Listening to you breathe is relaxing.

We’ve been together for a year now and we’ve moved from the initial excitement into the courting phase. Anything that will make you happy, I want to provide for you. Just say the word and my answer will be “yes” or “of course” or any number of affirmative responses. Others sit by and shake their heads, and whisper behind my back about how I just can’t say “no” to you.

But I don’t care. I just don’t care.

Who knew that at my age, 57 years old, to be exact, I would find such happiness in new love?

Being Grandpa.

There’s nothing like a new grandchild to speed up the pumping of this 57-year-old heart. I can barely get up from the floor unassisted, but that doesn’t stop me from getting down there to play with you.

The reward of a life raising a family is playing with my children’s children. All of the stresses that I had to deal with as a dad have been tucked away in the files of my fading memory as new experiences shove them aside. First words, cuddles, peek-a-boo, sleepovers, crawling, ow-ies, sleeping on my shoulder…

Cooing, giggles, singing lullabyes, smiles – melt this gray-haired man into mush.

Now you’re over a year old and walking. What a cutie!

I’m waiting right here to make sure that you know just how precious you are. Keep on growing and learning new things, I look forward to sharing new experiences with you.

I love you, Sweet Pea.

Being Grandpa is my favorite thing.