Grandpa Sayings – Worth Repeating

Michael Lee Joshua

Grandpa Sayings – worth repeating

Michael Lee Joshua
I am Grandpa

I am a grandpa. I don’t use many “grandpa sayings.”

I have lots to say. But most of it ain’t worth repeating… but I keep talking anyway. I hope that some of the things I say to my grandchildren reach into their heart – after all, they touch mine on a daily basis. The phone call at 1:30 in the morning from a grandson who had a nightmare… The text to my phone that simply says “I love you grandpa.” The sound of my grandson’s feet paddling through the hall toward me while he shouts “Grandpa’s Here!” The hug around my neck as my granddaughter falls asleep in my arms. The grin from the platform while my granddaughter sings “Go Tell it on the Mountain.” The view of my granddaughter as she tries to kiss me through the phone…

The things they do to tug at my heart are too numerous to even mention here… Constant. Deliberate. Accidental. Each a treasure.

Grandpa sayings are those things that we all pass down from generation to generation. Many are folklore – old wives’ tales:

  • If you go outside with a wet head, you’ll catch a cold.
  • Breaking a mirror gives you 7 years bad luck.
  • Don’t light three smokes with one match.
  • Sitting on cold concrete gives you — well, look it up…
  • None of these are sayings that I repeat to my grandchildren. As far as the match saying, I don’t want them lighting one smoke on a match, much less three.

    There is a saying that I tell my grandchildren though: “You make my heart happy.”

    They are the light of my life, each and every one of them.

    Take the time to come up with something positive, something enlightening and uplifting to say to your grandchildren.

    Believe it or not, they will remember it.

    Make it worth repeating.

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