Blended Family Quotes – They’re not all the nice ones…

blended family quotes

Blended family quotes: “You’re not my real dad.”

blended family quotes
courtesy of “Shadows”

When building a blended family, there are many challenges. The one that became a part of my life when my children were growing up was one of the better-known blended family quotes:

“You’re not my real dad.”

That’s a particularly tough one to field. No matter how long you have been a part of the family, this one tends to rear its ugly head in the best of blended families.

I had been a part of this child’s life since about the three-year-old mark – but it didn’t matter much. Teenagers know how to hit where it hurts.

It’s a skill they work to master as teenagers, so children and step-parents find themselves at odds. As a teenager reaches toward adulthood, they feel the need to distance themselves from parental authority in every way imaginable.

Sometimes this means striking out. With. A. Vengeance.

It’s not that they are thinking of long-term impact, just a short-term fix to get parents out of their business.

It’s a part of growing up – and moving on. To separate themselves from their parents is a form of self-expression that gains an autonomy that they desire so much at this stage of development.

No doubt that it hurts – but keep in mind that this is simply a way for them to strike out. It has less to do with who you are as a step-parent as it does with their need to become an individual. Pulling away from a parent, or pushing a parent out of their lives is just one step toward adulthood. Even if it is an ugly thing at the time.

Speaking from experience – this can pass. If you allow it to…Don’t take it to heart. Don’t give the phrase power over you. Odds are, your relationship can bounce back from this — Mine did!