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Dirty Feet? Written by Michael Lee Joshua

“Grandpa, Ariana’s feet are dirty,” Aiden told me. “Has she been walking around barefoot?” He giggled, “No, I don’t think …Read the Rest

Image courtesy of sxc.hu/ColinBroug Just the other day, a blog post went viral. The title was “My son is gay” …Read the Rest

Nicholas held Mackenzie’s hand as they bounded toward the door. Looking back to make sure their mommy was not too …Read the Rest

In his years as a young adult, Billy spent most of his time taking care of other people. He served …Read the Rest

Editorial note: We must take the time to realize that children do not react to conflict the same way that …Read the Rest

So – it was quite the surprise. At twelve years old, his biological father decided that he would rather terminate …Read the Rest

“Danny?” I pressed the pause button on the remote and got up from the recliner when I heard my name. …Read the Rest

One of the strongest and most faithful Christian men I know, just received his latest military orders. As a 1998 …Read the Rest

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