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Silence on the Hill

December 16, 2013
Silence on the Hill

I pulled the black ski mask down over my face to fight off the biting cold. When I heard the …Read the Rest

Grandpa Socks

June 3, 2013
Grandpa Socks

I felt the hot sand under my feet and wondered why it didn’t seem to bother the little ones. Here …Read the Rest

Playing Cards With Grandma

“Why are you moving the King, Grandma?” “That’s how you play Solitaire. Watch what happens when I move it.” “Wow! …Read the Rest

Grandpa’s Here!

February 11, 2013
Grandpa’s Here!

I knocked on the door. I was not feeling particularly bright today. I didn’t sleep well and would have preferred …Read the Rest

The snipe hunt – explained

December 23, 2011

Nothing like a snipe hunt on a backyard camping trip. You can jump over to youtube to see parts 2 …Read the Rest

Backyard Campout

December 19, 2011
Backyard Campout

Written by Michael Lee Joshua I picked up the newspaper on my way to my recliner. Settling in, I avoided …Read the Rest

Dirty Feet? Written by Michael Lee Joshua

“Grandpa, Ariana’s feet are dirty,” Aiden told me. “Has she been walking around barefoot?” He giggled, “No, I don’t think …Read the Rest

As the grandkids climb on me, I wonder aloud if I’ll be able to get up from the floor today. …Read the Rest

As a loving grandpa, I write a lot of stories about my grandchildren. From one story that discusses my relationship …Read the Rest

With our Marriott timeshares “in the bank” we decided this would be a great year to try to get all …Read the Rest

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