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Keys to Freedom

February 25, 2013
Keys to Freedom

She knew better, but she did it anyway. Again. **Ring** “Hello. How much do you charge to change the ignition …Read the Rest

The snipe hunt – explained

December 23, 2011

Nothing like a snipe hunt on a backyard camping trip. You can jump over to youtube to see parts 2 …Read the Rest

Backyard Campout

December 19, 2011
Backyard Campout

Written by Michael Lee Joshua I picked up the newspaper on my way to my recliner. Settling in, I avoided …Read the Rest

As the grandkids climb on me, I wonder aloud if I’ll be able to get up from the floor today. …Read the Rest

courtesy of sxc.hu/L_Avi She rolled over and tapped the play button on the tape recorder. Hearing the rhythmic sound of …Read the Rest

courtesy of sxc.hu/quixote His reminiscing was interrupted when his 6 year old grandson bounded into the room. Shoving his dirty …Read the Rest

“Here they come!” The tour bus came to a stop at the corner. Since Joe’s pastry and coffee shop was the …Read the Rest

A New Flat Screen For Dad

January 4, 2011

When I arrived, I had to park across the street from dad’s house. A delivery truck from one of those …Read the Rest

“Hey, boys, come on in here, lunch is ready.” “We’ll be there in a second, grandpa,” Jason called out from …Read the Rest

She hung up the phone and buried her head in her hands. Quiet sobs were barely audible as her mother …Read the Rest

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