Mind Over Madi by Lynda Lee Schab

My friend – Lynda Lee Schab – Answers Questions About Writing and Her Debut Novel, Mind Over Madi ON WRITING: …Read the Rest

Our eternity is based on our emotional and physical conditions. Our eternity is limited. God’s eternity is eternal. A grown …Read the Rest

As the grandkids climb on me, I wonder aloud if I’ll be able to get up from the floor today. …Read the Rest

courtesy of She rolled over and tapped the play button on the tape recorder. Hearing the rhythmic sound of …Read the Rest

courtesy of His reminiscing was interrupted when his 6 year old grandson bounded into the room. Shoving his dirty …Read the Rest

“Here they come!” The tour bus came to a stop at the corner. Since Joe’s pastry and coffee shop was the …Read the Rest

A New Flat Screen For Dad

January 4, 2011

When I arrived, I had to park across the street from dad’s house. A delivery truck from one of those …Read the Rest

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