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Righteous Indignation

December 25, 2011
Righteous Indignation

  Righteous indignation comes to the surface during the Christmas season. The latest store to make the statement that they …Read the Rest

The snipe hunt – explained

December 23, 2011

Nothing like a snipe hunt on a backyard camping trip. You can jump over to youtube to see parts 2 …Read the Rest

Backyard Campout

December 19, 2011
Backyard Campout

Written by Michael Lee Joshua I picked up the newspaper on my way to my recliner. Settling in, I avoided …Read the Rest

Road Trip

December 16, 2011

I know it’s only Melanie and I (plus Zeus) that are making this road trip from Minnesota to Colorado – …Read the Rest

Transition – It is Never Easy

Written by Michael Lee Joshua When my wife accepted her new job, we knew there were strings attached – a …Read the Rest

Life Lessons From Grandparents – A Trip Down Memory Lane

Life Lessons from Grandparents: A Trip Down Memory Lane I have a story published in this wonderful book compiled by …Read the Rest

I dare you not to smile

December 2, 2011

You’ll have to smile when you watch this. These kids are adorable.

We all have reasons for the hosting provider that we use – from cheap sites to those with more bells …Read the Rest

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