Wonders Never Cease by Tim Downs Book Review

December 18, 2010
by Michael Lee Joshua

What do you think of a child that sees angels? It rings alarm by the school administrators who challenge Leah’s mom, Natalie, with everything from accusations of a psychotic diagnosis to requesting she order up the obligatory MRI to check inside her daughter’s head.
No longer is “see and say” at school much fun as her stories of seeing angels are considered fictional by those with whom Leah shares the experience. But Leah stands her ground, knowing that she has seen angels standing over those soon to pass from this life to the other side.
Could Leah be just plain crazy?
Add to the mix the mom’s boyfriend, Kemp, who is only out for number one – and that does not include little Leah or Natalie. A jerk on all fronts: a wanna-be doctor who is a nurse because he was kicked out of medical school; he owes a pile of money to a loan shark; he does not support Natalie in her confrontations with school administrators – and then uses his medical knowledge to place a patient at risk in order to gain a fortune. It is hard to understand how someone as kind as Natalie ever got hooked up with him in the first place.
If you believe in angels – a being that accompanies you on that journey from life here to the afterlife, this book will only reinforce your inner acceptance of them.  
I felt a little cheated at the end. It seemed to me that some of the loose ends could have been tied up just a bit more. By not bringing everyone to a ‘day of reckoning’ it left me a bit on the fence. This was the first book that I have read by Tim Downs, and I look forward to reading more.