Mikasa – You’ll Love It!

December 23, 2010
by Michael Lee Joshua
When our daughter got married, they chose a pattern of casual dinnerware from Mikasa. As the dutiful parents, of course, we bought them lots and lots of the pattern they wanted. For the first time since they got married 13 years ago, we enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at their home. Lo and behold, what do they set out on the table? That beautiful Mikasa dinnerware at each seat. Although, Mikasa makes a casual line of patterns for everyday use, even their casual dishes feel like they’re worth thousands.
A classy look and smooth finish on these plates makes every meal feel like a dinner out at a fine restaurant. Everything just seems to taste better when you sit down at the table with a place setting of Mikasa dinnerware.
Our turkey, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie had never looked as good as they did at this Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey was placed on the large platter and the side dishes were all placed around the table. The lighted candles cast a glow on the dishes that warmed the entire room with an unbelievable ambiance.
Noticeably missing was a gravy boat. We improvised using a creamer, which certainly worked in a pinch – but this piece would complete the table setting that we enjoyed this year. Even though there were about fifteen of us at dinner, the creamer made the rounds. We had to fill it up several times – but it served its purpose.

As parents, we’ve talked about this dinner quite a bit after the fact. It was a wonderful time of sharing together – not just food – but our lives. Perhaps when we check out their Christmas wish list this year, a gravy boat should turn up in their stocking. Who knows what Santa might have in mind? After all, with all the grandkids there – Santa is sure to make an appearance this year.

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