California College Choice

December 23, 2010
by Michael Lee Joshua

My wife grew up in the South Bay area of California – in a beach town suburb of Los Angeles.  Because of that, earning a California business degree became an unspoken goal. She searched all of the state and local junior colleges to find exactly what she sought. The opportunity of attending one night each week since she was already working full time was a perfect choice for her.
Looking into the available programs at many local educational institutions, her search took her to check out the University of Redlands School of Business. Always having an interest in owning her own business led her to a course of study in Management at the school. One of the statistics noted on their site is that a “four-year college graduate earns over 60% more than a high school graduate throughout their working lives.”
Although she reviewed website and review sites online, nothing took the place of visiting a California College. The adrenaline rush of walking on a college campus, seeing the classrooms, labs and lecture halls – this feeling is something that all new college entrants experience. While walking the sidewalks around the campus, she found that the setting of the school brought her a peace and relaxed feeling that she had not noticed at the other schools she had visited.
With beautiful southern California weather, the beach on one hand and the mountains on the other – culture in many venues available nearby, she knew this was where she needed to attend college. When she stepped on the campus, it was akin to arriving home.
With high standards, national accreditation and top-notch professors – this school offered her the best education of any she had researched. A true California girl, through and through, there was never an option other than a California college – once at University of Redlands, the decision was made by her heart as well as her mind. What a great choice!
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