Accounting Package Conversion Tech Help

December 23, 2010
by Michael Lee Joshua
We recently had an accounting package conversion and experienced a number of issues that we had trouble diagnosing. For those who understand accounting, the general ledger amounts that we provided to the new software support team were not the numbers being uploaded into the new package. Although we sent the data directly to them, when the data was inserted into the new chart of accounts, it was out of balance. Not just a little bit, but by a hundred thousand dollars.
Since we could not find out where it was going wrong, we needed to allow the software gurus at the new software provider access to our database. We maintain a highly protected firewall and were not willing to open a port to just allow them access, so instead we used the remote desktop software called Bomgar.
This software is an option when you need to allow someone into your system for a specific reason – without allowing them open access on their terms. With Bomgar you control the time they are allowed into your system, what they can see and what they can’t. When the procedure is completed, you cancel the connection. 
The safest way to offer tech support remote access is by utilizing Bomgar. There are several options available, but hands-down, Bomgar is the one to choose. You are able to maintain total control of your server while someone remotely works through the issues.
Bomgar allowed us to open our database to the accounting package techs without exposing our other data which was not at issue. We protected our customer list and their contact information as well as other proprietary information while letting the remote techs reach into our server and work their magic.
It would be great if you never have to allow remote access, but in the case that you must, choose Bomgar for the safe alternative to hours of on-site tech expenses.
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