Book Review – Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado

October 12, 2010
by Michael Lee Joshua

The latest book by Max Lucado is a no less than a call to action. I found myself in tears many times as I read his stories of the poor and disadvantaged. It is not a book to skim through and put back on the shelf.

The theme will live on in your heart after you have read it. Lucado brings out the importance of living beyond our own needs and wants. Chapter by chapter, I was forced to examine and re-examine my own life and how I look at others. Not only those who are of my own race and nationality, but I was compelled to see those from other countries, including those who are here as illegal aliens in a completely different light.

I realized that my attitude toward these people specifically is not only extremely negative, but definitely not very Christ-like. Although it will take time to fully digest the impact of this book, I think that Max Lucado has written his best book to-date in Outlive Your Life.

I usually love Max’s writing, but this one even took me by surprise. What a thoughtful, insightful work he has put on the page. To top it off, knowing that all of the royalties for this book are being sent to Word Vision, he proves that he is living this book in his own life, not just having a book printed.

I would recommend that everyone read this book.

Run, don’t walk to your nearest bookstore and pick this one up.

You will be challenged and encouraged. It just might change your outlook!What is your legacy?

I received a free copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers in return for my review.


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