Open post to my followers

June 8, 2010
by Michael Lee Joshua

Thanks to all of you for following my blog – my goal here is to provide something inspirational several times a week, whether it is warm and fuzzy, thought-provoking or something that inspires your passion (for example, my posts about Hom Furniture).

Please take the time to reply to the blog if you find something interesting. Even if you disagree.

I am getting ready to launch a special web page to promote interest in the manuscript that I have finished titled “In My Mirror – The Face of Jesus, Human Like Me – Deity of God.”

When the page is ready I will let you know where it is and you can give me your feedback!

Each of you, following my blog have reinforced the idea of seeing Jesus in my mirror, I do hope you see Him in yours!

Please ask your friends to follow this blog and to comment when they feel inclined, it will help me to gain an agent’s representation.

Thanks for joining me on this journey searching for inspiration.


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