Grandpa Day

June 27, 2010
by Michael Lee Joshua

OK, now a great thing happened this weekend. My daughter-in-law came to town to throw/attend a baby shower for her best friend who just happens to live near us. So while she, Maia (the youngest grandbaby) and my wife attended the baby shower, I got a grandpa day with Nicholas and Mackenzie at the Embassy Suites by the airport.

All I can say is SWEET! (or should I say SUITE)?

It was SO much, fun, as you can see by the pictures, we had a wonderful play-doh day.

We had green, blue and pink play-doh along with a bag full of Easter season cookie cutters. We had a bunny head, Easter eggs, a ‘running bunny,’ a carrot and a tulip.

To top it off, we also had a butterfly, an apple and a piggy…I don’t know how they fit into the Easter theme, but we didn’t care, we just kept smashing the play-doh and making shapes. Mine, of course, were immediately smashed by Mackenzie while she giggled at my dismay.

I made a carrot and gave him a face, taking a picture while it was out of Mackenzie’s reach, but it was soon just one more ball of play-doh.

Nick posed with all of his masterpieces that had to remain on the table until mom got back to see them.

But Mackenzie only wanted to make them and smash them up. I had to take pictures quickly of hers!

The winning shape of the day – my pink piggy with green boogers. Both kids just roared at that one!

As a grandpa, there just has to be one that is a little bit ‘off,’ ya know?

Then the crash –

While Nicholas played his video games,

 Mackenzie snuggled up with me.

It wasn’t long before she was asleep. Nice nap time, while I stroked her hair.

What a great day!

Thanks Jennifer – for sharing the day with me!

Play-doh and grandkids – what a nice afternoon.

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