Abraham Lincoln in Debate – He got it – Do you?

June 16, 2010
by Michael Lee Joshua

Abraham Lincoln in debate was better prepared than the politicians of today. He knew that God was in charge.

On July 10, 1858 in a debate with Stephen A Douglas, he stated:

It is said in one of the admonitions of our Lord, “As your Father in Heaven is perfect, be ye also perfect.” The Saviour, I suppose, did not expect that any human being could be perfect as the Father in heaven: but He said, “As your father in Heaven is perfect, be ye also perfect.” He set that up as a standard, and He who did most toward reaching that standard attained the highest degree of moral perfection.

Abraham Lincoln knew the goal – the end-run, so-to-speak, if you do not aim for perfection you most certainly will miss the mark. It is just like that in life.

If you expect to fail, you absolutely will fail.

If you aim for the bulls-eye, you have a chance of hitting the bulls-eye, but if you aim merely for the target, odds are you will only hit the target.

Sometimes, aiming for the bulls-eye seems futile. But you could surprise yourself.

Take out an arrow, set it in place and pull back on the bow, aim toward the center of the target – let it fly.

Perhaps the target you hit is one you didn’t even know that God had placed in your path.

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