I was thrilled to get a chance to review the Bibleman -Combating The Commandant of Confusion DVD courtesy of Thomas Nelson Publishers. As a book reviewer for them, a free copy was sent my way in return for my honest review.

I found the DVD not only cheesy, but also poorly put together. As a live performance, it seemed more like a home video than a professionally recorded program. The actors’ interactions were more geared toward the audience than the story line itself. This took away from what might have been received as a great message for 6 to 10 year olds.

The story was about swinging the swords and seemed like a real-life attempt to mimic the WII video game of Star Wars – in some ways – than it did a message-laden Christian story about the battle of good winning over evil.

That being said, my 6-year-old grandson was enthralled while it was on. At one point, I started to switch the movie off because dinner was ready, and he protested immediately that the movie was not over.

Considering his outburst, perhaps it should be watched with the attitude of the age group for whom it is meant instead of as an adult expecting a polished video.

Because of my grandson’s reaction, I will give this Thomas Nelson video two thumbs up.