This month has been a busy one

January 20, 2010
by Michael Lee Joshua

Hello everyone – thanks for stopping by –

Ok, this month has been a crazy one so far.

I’m trying to complete the year-end financial statements at my day job – trying to keep up with my MBA classes – trying to keep up with some writing goals that I have in place… and with all this going on, I have a sore throat. I’m hoping it doesn’t turn into anything more –

Although I sent a request for an update from the agent reviewing my manuscript – no answer yet.

I’m feeling the strain of so many things pulling at once.

Now, we have more crummy (read – winter) weather on its way in MN. I already signed up on the calendar for tomorrow off, just in case the roads are covered with ice.

Since I need to get some more writing in, maybe I’ll take the day off anyway.

I am traveling to Tucson for the AGTA Gem Show in early February, then for some work at our Tucson branch. Hopefully, the weather will be bright and sunny, but one year when I worked at the show – we had sleet. At least this year one of my friends has to buy me a drink in Tucson! She picked the Cowboys over the Vikings. HA! HA!

I have managed to stay up with my Writing Challenges at This is a critical goal because I need the practice. I just managed to move up from the Beginner Level to the Intermediate Level with my flash fiction piece “Refrigerator Art” found here. I am having a blast with their challenge topics!

I will be signing up for the Apprentice Level writer’s training at Christian Writer’s Guild between now and the middle of February. I need the training, I don’t know if I’m biting off more than I can chew, but I’m planning to do it anyway. I’d love to attend their conference this year, especially to meet Max Lucado, but I have to make a choice – spend a thousand dollars to go to the conference – or a thousand dollars to take the classes. I really think I need the training more than the conference, so must pass this year.

I am planning to go to the ACFW conference in September in Indianapolis. I have family there, so it will be a two-fer.

Here’s to finding more time to write – I need to get my victims rescued in my suspense novel!!

– Michael

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