Living With Confidence in a Chaotic World by Dr. Jeremiah

As a book reviewer for Thomas Nelson publishers, I received a copy of Living With Confidence in a Chaotic World by Dr. David Jeremiah. What a wonderful book! In a world that is filled with layoffs, corporate and personal bankruptcies, lost homes, failing banks, stolen funds by those entrusted to protect them and a growing homeless population – this book offers us a way to keep our eyes focused on living a life like Christ – not just talk about being a Christian.

Christians, as a group, have failed the mainstream populace in that we appear more like the mainstream than we appear like Christ. We have become lukewarm and do not offer a viable alternative to those who would look to us for answers, not to mention, empathy.

Dr. Jeremiah gives us a solid roadmap to maintain our hope by remaining:

• Centered in Christ
• Committed to the Word
• Compassionate toward others
• Connected to our church
• Consistent in our walk
• Calm in our heart
• Certain of His coming
• Confident in our faith

Giving practical application for each of these principles, he allows us to focus on finding our way directly back to the Savior on whom we rely – no matter what the condition of the chaotic world, this chaos does not have to invade our hearts and rule our actions.

You may find this book to reinforce what you have been taught and to ignite your love anew, or it might be a completely new perspective for you. This can certainly be a life-changing book. It is changing mine.


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